"To be inspired by a craft. To have the freedom of expression. To have the ability to create. To be passionate during the process. To have a vision of the completed project. This is what makes each crafter unique"

A passion for crafts allowed us to turn a hobby into a full time creative journey. So in March of 2011, GK Studios became a reality in Kleinbosch, Cape Town.

Our crafts are varied therefore allowing potential crafters the opportunity to experiment. In turn discovering what kind of craft could best drive their passion of self expression. Feeding their ability to design and create projects of lasting fulfillment. Ultimately, finding a love for an art form which could previously not have been expressed.

We invite you to go through our website or make an appointment to visit our studio. Over a cup of coffee we can discuss and share our passion for crafts with you.

Should you wish to purchase a project you see in our gallery, if you would like to commission a project or enquire about a workshop, please contact us to discuss further.